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Namaste!  I’m Neena Nerkar BSc (Hons) MCM (Master in Complementary Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine).  I’m an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Welcome to love ayurveda tv.  The mission is to sow the seeds of hope by shining a light on the contribution of the vedic sciences to our wellbeing.

Every week,  love ayurveda tv brings you the top experts in their field, including doctors, scientists, academics, psychologists, researchers, spiritual leaders and more.  

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Join the Venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul La, the Director of Tibet House, the Cultural Centre for His Holiness the Dalai Lama LIVE from New Delhi in India!  

The Ven. Geshe La, has served as His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s interpreter and worked on many books together.  He will discuss ‘truthfulness’ and why honesty with others as well as yourself is essential to your wellbeing.

Truth has been eroded in recent years by political leaders.  How do we know what is the truth when there is so much misinformation out there?

This is your second chance to join Ven. Geshe La.  It is a double blessing!  All are welcome, however tickets are limited.  This is bound to be a popular talk, so best to book your ticket now!

FREE! Spaces are limited. Registration is required in advance. Reserve your place NOW

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