7 march, 2021

Join Professional Performer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher, Unnath Jain MA.   He will show you how to express your feelings even when wearing a face mask by applying some traditional dance moves from Bharatanatayam.   

Unnath Jain will also demonstrate some classical dance mudras (hand postures) to boost your wellbeing.

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28 february, 2021

Join Dr Prathima Nagesh MD, an Ayurvedic physician based in the London area.  She shares her experiences of how she is supporting high risk individuals including some with cancer and other autoimmune disorders.

Dr Nagesh will present three case studies and discuss the Ayurvedic treatment protocols she has applied to prevent them from succumbing to coronavirus complications.

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21 february, 2021

love ayurveda tv is having a short half-term holiday.  There was no talk on this Sunday, 21 February, 2021.  However, lots more exciting talks are coming from next week, onwards!

Thank you for your interest and support.  It is much appreciated.  We are sowing the seeds of hope – together!

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No event today, sorry!  We are back next week Sunday 28 Feb, 2021.

14 february, 2021

This Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14 February, 2021 on love ayurveda tv, LIVE talks with the experts, we are hosting a great big love-in, live from an ashram in India.  

Join Yogi Gandhar Mandlik we ask him what is love?  He shares his yogic spiritual perspective on love and why love has the power to heal us, even in these COVID-19 times.

Its a must watch!  Tickets are limited.  Book your place.

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7 february, 2021

Join Dr Venkata Joshi MD PhD, a well-respected Ayurvedic Doctor, Spiritual Teacher who is also a Priest.  He explains the connection between climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, according to the vedic sciences.  In common with Ayurveda, all indigenous cultures have a deep connection with the environment. 

Even at this eleventh hour, there is a glimmer of hope.  He explains the steps  we can all take not only to stem the tide of climate change but also to prevent pandemics like COVID-19 in the future.

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31 January, 2021

Join Dr M B Kavita on love ayurveda tv, LIVE talks with the experts, join Dr M B Kavita MD PhD.  She advises on the best foods to eat and lifestyle routines to follow. The aim is to reduce your risk of being susceptible to infections like COVID-19.  Doctor Kavita will guide you through the Ayurvedic approach to improving your wellbeing, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.  

She will share 4 recipes that make up a complete meal that you can easily make at home to boost your immunity this winter.  Plus you get to ask your questions directly to her!

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24 January, 2021

Join Dr Atul Rakshe BAMS MPhil (Ayu).  He will discuss the science behind turmeric (Cucuma longa).  Is it the golden bullet in the fight against COVID-19.  He will share the best ways to use the spice and why taking it as a supplement may not be helping your body.  

Dr Rakshe, is an experienced general physician based in Pune, India.  He is Secretary General of the International Ayurveda Association and teaches students across the world.  He will also make and prepare some easy kitchen remedies using turmeric and other spices to boost your immunity to the coronavirus.

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17 January, 2021

Prof Dr Suhas Kumar Shetty MD PhD is an internationally acclaimed expert in Mental Health. He also specialises in Research Methodology and Medical Statistics and has been at the top of his field for more than 16 years. Professor and Head of Ayurvedic Psychology and Ayurvedic Psychiatry at SDM College and Hospital in Hassan, India.

During this COVID global pandemic mental health of the survivors has suffered. We ask Dr Shetty, what can we do to restore our peace of mind and sense of hope?

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10 January

Dr. Vikas Rajendra Chothe MD is a Lead Examiner and Technical Auditor for Yoga Schools across the world on behalf of the Government of India’s Ministry of AYUSH (which promotes Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, and Homeopathic medical systems).

Dr. Chothe will share with you the specific yoga program that has been endorsed by AYUSH to reduce coronavirus fatalities. He will also reveal some science and data which underpins this protocol to improve our immunity against COVID-19

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3 January, 2021

We launch with an exclusive talk with Dr Trupti Bhole MD PhD. An expert in Herbo-Mineral Preparations and Ayurvedic Pharmacology. She has been working on the front-line to care for COVID patients using both conventional medical treatments and Ayurveda Medicine.

We ask her if this joint approach is helping to save lives and are there any lessons the rest of the world could learn from this medical initiative?

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